Take my Knowledge


This sculpture was commissioned by the Network for Wageningen University Women Alumni (Vrouwennetwerk Wageningse Ingenieurs, VWI) as a gift to Wageningen UR in the Netherlands.

Each layer of this strong talented woman’s dress has a meaning. The deepest layer stands for earth and agriculture: it is the University’s foundation. In the second layer, literacy is the theme. The initials of the first woman professor of Wageningen University are included here to represent the women who have followed or will follow in her footsteps. The spirals in different skin tones stand for the international character of the University and refer to growth, progress and development. The third layer is open: it is possible to see through the sculpture; in order to be able to make a change, an open attitude is needed. The upper-most part of the dress is full of information and refers to this woman’s science. In her hand she offers a piece of knowledge.

Take my Knowledge stands in Impulse, building # 115 on campus.

Size: 95 x 45 x 30 cm.