La Reina del Carnaval


La Reina is made with the Bolivian carnival in mind. In Oruro on the high plateau (altitude of 3700 meter) the Bolivians celebrate the carnival procession through hours and hours of dancing succession. Each group has its own clothing, often with colorful headdresses. These headdresses have a lot of  weight, but women of all ages dance through to the finish.

The carnival in Oruro is on the list of World Heritage of UNESCO.

La Reina del Carnaval is one of the three sculptures from which the artist will donate one-third benefit for the people in the disaster of the earthquake in Nepal. Petra de Vree lived and worked two years in this beautiful country and feels very connected with its people. At the moment of the earthquakes she lived in Dhaka, where she could feel the shakes herself and had to run out of her house.

Besides La Reina del Carnaval also Rising Sun and La Madonna will serve the same donation goal.

The size of La Reina is 58 x 25 x 20 cm.